Inconsistent you are being, Carsten:

PN = Phillip Newton
CB = Carsten Becker
EC = Eric Christopherson

PN> Do you really divide the spoken syllables between [s] and [t]? I
PN> would have expected the syllable division to lie before the [stn=].

CB> Whoops. Yes, I was misguided by hyphenation rules: Cars-ten.

From that "Yes", I infer that you agree with Phillip that the syllable
division lies before the [stn=].

EC> Actually, if we were to invoke the MOP, wouldn't it have to be
EC> pronounced *[Stn=]?

CB> In turn, what's the MOP?

As Paul said above, it's the Maximum Onset Principle.   I infer it to
state that given a consonant cluster at a syllable boundry, the
longest legal initial cluster is the onset of the second syllable.

CB> It's true that <st> becomes [St] in syllable onsets, but it's not
the case here.

Why is that not the case here?  You just said (above) that you agreed
with Phillip that it *is* the case here.   So now I'm confused.  Where
do the syllables in your name break?

Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]>