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>So let's see what Sohlob makes of these.  Pronunciation is
>rather easily calculated from the romanization
>See <>.
>The Heleb dialect would be able to distinguish front
>rounded vowels as as well as velar _ll_ from palatal
>_l_.  The given forms are Classical Sohlob unless
>otherwise indicated.

Does Heleb also have voiceless lateral fricatives, and if so, does it
distinguish velar(ized) <HLL> from palatal <HL> ?

One of the characteristics of Scungric phonology is that there are
(minimally) two coronal series, one laminal/palatalized, the other apical
(redundantly either velarized, uvularized, or pharyngealized),
distinguishing stops, nasals, sibilants, lateral approximants and lateral
fricatives for both, with the addition of trills in the apical series.