I don't see any real opposition to my Gmane idea. I propose to subscribe the
list to the Gmane gateway sometimes next week, with the  following options :

* Mailing list email address: [log in to unmask]

* [short] Description: Conlang is a mailing list for discussing constructed
and artificial languages.

* Posting permissions: Posting allowed (default)[note : Gmane has some
well-thought spam-fighting requirements for posting, which - in my
experience - work quite well]

* Encrypt addresses: yes [note: protect against spam the email address of
people who post through Gmane]

* Spam tagging: yes

* Mailing list software: listserv

* Group Name [Gmane newsgroup name for the list]: [I propose that because the most similar
subject in the Gmane hierarchy is:]

* Project URL:

* Language: English

* Localisation: No

* The Mail Archive: ??? I'd say No as the list is already in the mail
archive through Y!

BTW, it is possible to import all the list archives:


Philippe Debar
Newbie conlanger (that is just interest and many ideas, no conlang yet)