Romlangers out there, 
 what's your version of "werewolf"? Does anyone have a
reflex of "uersipellis"?

If I were making a Spanish conlang, would it have
something like: *vesibel? 

 Late Latin: versipelle 

  ue > ve- 
  rs > -s- [as in ursum > oso]
  p  > -b- [lenition]
  lost of accusative ending -e[m].


> French has _loup-garou_ (plural: loups-garous) where
> the 'wolf' element 
> (loup) is clearly first. but _garou_ is, of course,
> not the French for 
> 'man'; it is from Old French _garoul_ which is from
> Frankish (a Germanic 
> lang) *werwulf.
> While Spanish has _hombre lobo_ (man wolf), it
> sister langs of Galician 
> & Portuguese put the 'wolf' first, thus: Galician:
> lobisón; Portuguese: 
> lobisomem.
> Italian _lupo mannaro_ also puts 'wolf' first (The
> etymology of 
> _mannaro_ is uncertain. Some derive it from a
> Germanic mann- (man); 
> others derive the phrase from an earlier
> *lup'umanario "humanish wolf").
> Before someone asks, Latin merely has _uersipellis_
> ("skin-changer")   :)
> -- 
> Ray
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