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>>> Do you really divide the spoken syllables between [s] and [t]? I
>>> would
>>> have expected the syllable division to lie before the [stn=].

Whoops. Yes, I was misguided by hyphenation rules: Cars-ten.


>Actually, if we were to invoke the MOP, wouldn't it have to be
>pronounced *[Stn=]?

In turn, what's the MOP? It's true that <st> becomes [St] in syllable
onsets, but it's not the case here.

>And what's YAGPT?

"Yet Another German Phonology Thread" (in this case) as opposed to YA*GT's,
which means "Yet Another ... Grammar Thread". We have this abbreviation
because such threads about German or French or English pronunciation and
grammar occur here frequently. Another acronym you need to know in order to
survive is ANADEW, "A Natlang Already Dunnit Except Worse", most commonly
found in the phrase _a case of ANADEW_. Somtimes also referred to as


... who actually just wanted to know how to write his name in Remi's
beautiful script