* Remi Villatel said on 2006-09-22 03:56:00 +0200
> I retrieved the largest shaquean number. As far as I know, it's
> /xotji-gēç/ [Zo.tji:gEC], or in other words 12^(12^12). You write it
> as 1 followed by over 9800 billions zeroes (in base 12). As far as you
> know, what is the largest numbers in your conlang?

I haven't finished with the numbers yet but so far the biggest is leìan,
which is 8^12 or 68 719 476 736.

The base8 system has named words for 8¹, 8², 8³ and every 8^(n*4) above
that, but I don't know how large n gets.

Largest named number in base2 is areì, 2^8 (256), which is not a lot,
largest in base5 is šīra, 5^5 (3125), largest in base24 is utarha, 24²
(576). Base8 and base24 share several names (since 8 is a simplification
of 24) and it is allowed to mix them for poetic purposes and to avoid
long strings. 

Of all the bases it is base24 that is used for scientific calculations
so I expect those to go way high.

As to numbers, I'm currently looking more at names for constants, like
pi, e, etc.