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> All this talk about savoir/connaitre and articles and such leads
> me to think in terms of putting together a language that flat-out
> eschews a maximum number of such things.
> Any thoughts?

If the foundation is European langauges, then "scii" and "koni" muust be  
there, as most European langauges, even very dissimilar ones, make that  

Say that a Russian, a Finn and a Pole were to make an IAL they would  
probably not include articles.

But I for one, would bet that if you look at a Russian textbook for Finns  
or a Finnish textbook for Russians there will be a passage where it sais  
that the language doesn't have articles. I.e. the idea that a foreign  
language should have articles is quite general!

In Russian and Polish you exprress definiteness or indefiniteness through  
the word order, and in Finnish the choice of case will show it. A  
Finnish-speaking collegue at work once gave me this rule
of thumb: if you would use articles in Swedish you should use nominative  
or accusative/genitive in Finnish. If you wouldn't use articles or the  
indefinite article, then you should use the partitive case. This rule  
seems to help quite a bit.

Saying this I want to emphasize that what you want to have in a language  
will depend which language is your vantage-point, if you see what I mean.

And if you think that people will have to learn English, Spanish, French,  
Russian, then the International language should have what is general  
European in its grammar and lexicon.

Kjell R
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