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> As far as "schisms" are concerned, they actually seem to be fairly rare  
> in the IAL movement (unless one counts every individual who abandons  
> project A, which may or may not have a user community, in favor of his  
> own project B as a schism). The Ido schism certainly qualifies, and that  
> between Loglan and Lojban probably does as well, but that pretty much  
> exhausts my knowledge of the occurrence of genuine schisms. Others?
At least in the Interlingua movement I know of one example where a person  
has abandoned his own language in favour of Interlingua. There might be  
others I don't know of.

I don't find it so strange that people might end up inventing languages.  
In fact this is not less strange than the fact that a person who sees  
pictures will start painting such him/herself.

Perhaps one could say that when I am writing in "English" it is in fact my  
idea of it spiced with Swedish and what I think is correct English.

So in a sence we already have an IAL, English, which we try writing in  
more or less broken fashon!

I wonder if one couldn't se Europanto as someting similar. use the  
international vocabulary as you think is as well as possible. This will  
happen when people don't knnow what languages to use.

A Swede with some language education goes to Italy and will then use words  
that can be supposed to be understood. So what the IAL's do is perhaps  
that they are trying to regularize our mistreatment of foreign languages!

Kjell R
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