Dana Nutter wrote:
> This isn't quite right according to my sources.

Indeed. When I was checking my sources, it warned that Latin pronunciation
is taught differently in different countries and even in different
universities in some countries.

Some of the differences are based on sound changes that took place in
Latin. Possibly V stood originally for [w], there's no way of knowing
that, but it's certain that it did become [v] eventually. Also the Greek
sounds CH, PH, TH and Y were pronounced originally as in the Greek, that
was the civilised way, but in time they became simplified (or should I say

Anyway, it's interesting that Latin was phonetically more concise than
it's successors (except for vowel length). Greek on the other hand was
rather complex to start with and it became simplified over time with loss
of aspiration, long vowels and certain diphthongs.

-- Risto Kupsala