Hi Donald, like seek out like.  Have you seen my online article "Audience, 
Uglossia, and Conlang?  That was published in 2000 by M/C: A Journal of 
Media and Culture.

I've been a conlanger since I was ten.  My book on Hildegard will be coming 
out in which I put her work in context with a history of invented language 
making.  This truly is a new fascination for people!  I'd be interested in 
seeing your "Playing God" article so I can reference it. As for the Nancy 
Pearl text: is this an anthology of essays about literary languages that you 
have contributed to?

I suppose I'm a conlang evangelist as well, since I promote it whenever I 
see it among my students! :)

Very interested to have found you.

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>I am very intrigued by your proposed conlang textbook.
> I have been reading some of the comments on CONLANG,
> Zompist, and the Conlang Wikibook. I might be
> interested in writing the "Philosophy" essay depending
> on deadlines, word counts, etc.
> As for my experience with conlanging:
>> I've written two articles so far about conlanging
> for "mainstream" journals: one in the official journal
> of the (British) Institute of Linguists (not available
> online, unfortunately. The website
> has
> it mentioned, "Playing God."); the other in Library
> Journal (Sept. 15, '06), "Speaking in Tongues:
> Literary Languages" at
> Another article is pending for the journal VOYA, a
> library journal targetted at youth services
> librarians. These have all addressed the why's and
> how's and a short history of conlanging (from St.
> Hildegarde to the present).
>> I've presented my "Imaginary Languages in Literature
> & Movies (and How To Create Your Own)" program three
> times now. Each time, the audience has enjoyed it and
> everyone has created at least one complete grammatical
> sentence in "their own language." Handouts used for
> this are available for your inspection at
> If you're suggesting a sort of "Conlanging 101" for
> the book, I would call my 90 minute workshops
> "Conlanging Kindergarten."
>> My current conlanging projects, Umod and Elasin, are
> also at the geocities address. They are still VERY
> rough, first draft (i.e., in flux) languages. Be
> gentle.
> I have imagined myself as a sort of "conlang
> evangelist" (much like the "technology evangelists" of
> the corporate world) spreading the good news of
> conlanging to the masses. Everyone I tell about the
> craft/hobby/obsession is intrigued. I may not be
> building new conlangers, but spreading awareness of it
> is a good first step. I believe your book would be a
> way to reach a wider audience and would like to know
> how I might help.
> --- Sai Emrys <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hello again everyone.
>> I'd like to tell you all that the conlang books
>> project has gotten off
>> to a good start.
>> The essays book, named "Art, Science, & Philosophy
>> of Language
>> Creation" for now (ASP) needs authors.
>> The target audience is people who have some
>> knowledge of linguistics
>> (at the level of the Constructive Linguistics 101
>> book), and some idea
>> of what language creation is about. There will be an
>> introductory
>> essay to bootstrap others, e.g. linguists,
>> novelists,
>> philosophy-of-language people, etc.
>> The idea is to have a coherent but diverse
>> compilation book of essays
>> (each are one chapter), all of which get to the same
>> major point.
>> Some suggestions for essays are below. You are of
>> course welcome to
>> add your own suggestions.
>> * Philosophy
>>  o a short history of conlanging, ancient and modern
>>  o how conlanging can change your outlook on life,
>> language, etc; why
>> do it? what's the drive?
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