> I am very intrigued by your proposed conlang textbook.
> I have been reading some of the comments on CONLANG,
> Zompist, and the Conlang Wikibook. I might be
> interested in writing the "Philosophy" essay depending
> on deadlines, word counts, etc.

Both are flexible. I'd like to have each essay be anywhere from a
couple to a few dozen pages (depending on the merits). Since the
project just started, deadlines are not for a while yet - though
always the sooner the better because that means more revisions, more
submissions, etc. Pragmatically speaking, the deadline is a few months
after we get enough content to publish a book.

"Philosophy" isn't an essay, it's just a section heading.

>  "Speaking in Tongues: Literary Languages" at


> Another article is pending for the journal VOYA, a
> library journal targetted at youth services
> librarians. These have all addressed the why's and
> how's and a short history of conlanging (from St.
> Hildegarde to the present).

You should talk to Sally Caves. You might be interested in
(collaborating on?) each others' work.

> > I've presented my "Imaginary Languages in Literature
> & Movies (and How To Create Your Own)" program three
> times now. Each time, the audience has enjoyed it and
> everyone has created at least one complete grammatical
> sentence in "their own language." Handouts used for
> this are available for your inspection at
> If you're suggesting a sort of "Conlanging 101" for
> the book, I would call my 90 minute workshops
> "Conlanging Kindergarten."

Neato. Reminds me of my DE-Cal classes (though those were a semester
long, not a workshop).

> I have imagined myself as a sort of "conlang
> evangelist" (much like the "technology evangelists" of
> the corporate world) spreading the good news of
> conlanging to the masses. Everyone I tell about the
> craft/hobby/obsession is intrigued. I may not be
> building new conlangers, but spreading awareness of it
> is a good first step. I believe your book would be a
> way to reach a wider audience and would like to know
> how I might help.

*grin* Good to have support.

What would you suggest as specific essay topics you would like to
write about? I gave a few in the OP, but really it's best if someone
writes about what they care about - always more engaging that way.

 - Sai