> I set myself some sentences to translate today. Maybe they will be  
> useful exercise for you too?

> 1.I did my best to talk Derek into coming.
mo boniti prov motivif li derxk tukin.
1p good+SUPERLATIVE+ADJ attempt motive+CAUSE NAME Derek at+go.

> 2.They did nothing to help out.
lo mi no dob.
3p before nothing help.

> 3.We had a good dinner last night.
molo jes boni jesare kronu mi timo.
we.EXCL eat good food time-of before darkness.

> 4.They had a lot of money from their father.
lo mi hav menisi dan mu pap ju lo.

> 5.They were let in for free.
lo pasa hinukin nu fudono.
3p allow+PASSIVE inside+go without to+gift.

> 6.I was allowed to go home early.
mo pasa rani kin fu domo.
1p allow+PASSIVE early go to reside+MANIFESTATION.

> the cat chased the dog.
kat mi jag kanin.
cat before chase canine.