43rd Baltic Esperanto Days, Siauliai, Lithuania, July 14-22, 2007.

The home page for the arrangement doesn't yet have basic information 
about prices or a sign-up form -- these were sent out to several 
mailing lists just today, and we may hope that they appear on the web soon.

I've never been to a BET, but I've heard that they are great fun. 
Participation is, I believe, usually between a minimum of 150 and a 
maximum of 300-400.

Incidentally, linguistic note: the term "baltia" does not mean 
"Baltic" in the usual sense (that would be "balta"); it comes from 
"Baltio", which basically means "a country or piece of terrain named 
after the Baltic Sea" and is usually used to refer to the terrain 
occupied by the three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 
However, it can be extended to include the other states with Baltic 
coastlines which, if I'm not mistaken, are Poland, Finland, Sweden, 
part of Germany, and Denmark (I don't remember whether the islands of 
Sjaelland and Fynen border on the Baltic or not, but Bornholm is 
certainly in the Baltic, at least if memory serves).

(For a while, back at the end of the eighties and in the early 
nineties of the 20th century, the term "Cxebaltio" was often used: "a 
country or piece of terrain named for being at the Baltic sea".)

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