Je 07.38 atm 2006.10.15, Dana NUTTER skribis

>That answered my earlier question.   Yes, Shatner's actiing is just as
>bad in Esperanto as it is in English.

Hey, this part of the film contains one of Shatner's finest lines: 
"Malsupren ... malsupren ... malsupren!" (Pronounced by Shatner, if 
by no one else, "mal-su-PRIN ... mal-su-PRIN ... mal-su-PRIN!")

Those of us old enough to remember the original "Outer Limits" will 
certainly recognize Dominic Frontiere's inimitable style of background music.

Now tell me ... doesn't Baphomet look more like a long-horned cow 
than he does like a goat?

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