It is very nice to use wikis as tools to support a collaborative process of developing auxlangs. There are many analogies with distributed software teams we could point with this practice.
By the way, I often notice some say it is a pity that many proposals of auxlangs exist. I have a different opinion. I find that the existence of many proposed auxlangs shows the marvelous criativity of the humankind, and I am happy for it. I am inclined to see our discipline as a form of Engineering, because of the many trade-offs involved. I hope that, with the increasing maturity of our field, it will be seen in this light by the mainstream auxlangers.
Many good solutions are possible, and none of them is perfect. However, all of them could be ameliorated, in the same way that software can always evolve for better.
Have in mind that the existence of proposed IALs might not convince the humankind to adopt a worldwide lingua franca which is a conlang, but may pave the way for applications that can improve the quality of life of the humankind. For instance, the creation of conlangs/auxlangs to improve the teaching of natlangs, thus making other creative methods of teaching emerge. Auxlangs are the conlangs better suited to this task, because all of them strive for being simpler than a set of natlangs in some quality dimension (usability, recognizability, phonetic simplicity, etc.), while trying to retain a look and feel of "naturalness", which other conlangs may of may not consider.
Another nice application is to join people which otherwise would not be part of the same community. For instance, I have never studied Esperanto, but I have studied Interlingua and I am part of that community of speakers. However, I am happy of knowing that many people were able to have more friends by means of using Esperanto. The same can be said of the other auxlangs. It is possible that in the future I will learn more auxlangs in order to be able to make more friends around the world, just as people such as Kjell do. Different auxlang communities do not need to fight against each other. After all, we are all language appreciators that want a better world.
So, let's create more auxlangs! The more, the better! :)

Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues

On 10/19/06, Jason Benjamin < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
Does anybody know of any wikis devoted to developing auxiliary languages? 

I started one at  (the main wiki)
and (for backup purposes only)
This wiki is far from complete, right now being just an example.

I searched the internet and I couldn't find any other ones.  I think language wikis would be a good idea for joint projects in creating languages, especially auxiliary languages.  I know there are a lot of good languages already out there like Glosa, Ido, and Esperanto, but this gives people a chance to practice their skills.  And who knows, maybe a good language could come out of it...

Please let me know what you think and tell me if you know of any wikis dedicated to creating languages.