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> -IO hardly qualifies as an "Ido improvement" --
> country names in -IO 
> were around in Esperanto before Couturat appeared on
> the scene, e.g. 
> Meksikio, Kolombio, Bolivio, Cxilio

You know this is disingenuous, Don, because the -io
here is part of the Zamenhofised name of these
countries, not a suffix.  It seems far more likely
_prima facie_ that this -io suffix was influenced by
Ido -ia.  Btw, what does the Fundamento say about
replacing -ujo with -io ?  Surely this is

> As I've mentioned here before, Vilborg suggests that
> some of the 
> words officialized in the 7th Official Addition to
> the Universala 
> Vortaro were influenced by Ido; that was in the
> 1950s, if I'm not 
> mistaken. And it's quite possible, though IMHO not
> yet demonstrated, 
> that the suffix -END- came to Esperanto from Ido (I
> almost wrote 
> "originated with", but it's originally from Latin,
> of course).

This process of adopting Ido improvements into Esp is
entirely natural, even inevitable, and certainly to be
welcomed.  Long may Espists continue to improve their
language along the lines of Ido.

> As to other "improvements" ... I urge you not to
> hold your breath, 
> else you will turn blue.

Well, let's hope it doesn't take too much longer,
because to borrow the catchphrase of an anti-Bush
website: the world can't wait!

Kordiale, James Chandler
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