I did this years ago, and had trouble because the Kash don't a lot of 
different breads as we know them.........

I only get 1/2 on the extra-credit words :-(

> chamberlain, n. the treasurer of a municipal corporation =
not sure of this; Charlie assumed it referred to a household manager-- I 
have 'major-domo' in the to-do list but...  "Treasurer" in the business 
sense would be something else, probably a deriv. of toye 'money'... kandoye 
(agent pfx + money) is a possibility.
 "Treasury" as a governmental institution will probably be pundoye 
house+money, but for "Minister/Sec'y of the...." I'm going to have some 
ancient and obscure term like "Chancellor of the Exchequer" :-)))

> trim, v. adjust (sails on a ship) so that the wind is optimally used
This would be runduša (lambaš) 'to set right (sails)'
runduša caus. of tuša 'exact, precise'
lamba 'any large sheet of cloth--bedsheet, tarpaulin, tent-cover etc.; 
(naut.) a ship's sails'
Cindu still makes considerable use of sailing ships in international 
trade/travel-- petroleum is rare, too expensive; coal too dirty.

non-nautical 'adjust' would likely be a compound verb-- either rucunu 
runduša 'change + make.right' or rucunu rundale˝ 'change + 
rucunu caus. of šunu 'different'
rundale˝ caus. of lale˝ 'better' < irreg.comp. of le˝ 'good'
I suspect any of these verbs, by themselves, could in context mean 'adjust'.

'Trim' in the sense of trimming a tree/plant, the hair, one's nails, small 
bits in general, is tolot; there could be more specific terms.

Ain't semantics fun!