Yup, I've changed ISPs. After leaving RR in disgust to go to 
Earthlink, RR tempted us 
back with 8Mbit for less than we'd been paying Earthlink for 5Mbit. 
How can you argue 
with that?

Thing is, the switchover was accomplished in the momentane aspect, so 
I had no chance to 
send advance warning.

I just need to figure out:

a) How to unsub my Earthlink address. Doesn't it need a confirmation 

b) How and why this address didn't go nomail or get unsubbed when it 
was disconnected


Proto-Thagojian is progressing slowly, but much more scientifically. 
I'm thinking about 
adding a fourth meta-vowel to the harmony system. I'm also thinking 
about turning more 
seriously to the study of Sumerian, thereby to include a Sumerian 
adstrate at a fairly 
early stage of the language, and maybe something Akkadian.

I've been drawn back into the notions of the nat-original Thagojian. 
I've started 
building another monster phonology. Not as extreme as the original 
(either 144 or 288 
consonants, I don't recall which) but clearly something of a behemoth. 
I also have ideas 
for a writing system and some native terminology for sounds and 

All other projects are dormant.

I don't know whether you'll need to adjust the Reply-To. I'm still 
getting used to the RR 
webmail client, which has changed since the last time I was using it.