On 10/24/06, David J. Peterson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Katya wrote:
> <<
> I can't think of any examples of stress in natlangs affecting
> pronunciation of consonants in a similar way, so I'm hoping someone
> here will either be able to give me examples or tell me that I should
> drop this idea if I care about realism. =)
>  >>
> Really?  Not a one?  Not even a phoneme like /t/ in a language
> like...English?  ~:D

You got me. *embarrassed* I've never studied English (or had the
opportunity to take a linguistics course), so I'm pretty ignorant when
it comes to...well, things like how stress affects pronunciation of

The material I've been able to find on lenition is either very
general, or incredibly specific, unfortunately.

You all have put my mind at east and  I'm going to go ahead with my
plan, which is to use lenition as a way to introduce some irregularity
and new phonemes into a later form of the language.