Den 25. okt. 2006 kl. 15.52 skrev Benct Philip Jonsson:
> Obviously a chain shift going on. You 'should' have
> _*u_ become /y/ and then perhaps _ju_. :-)

Yes, I have actually considered that. And there is some evidence for  
it too, but slightly more against it. Of course, since this is based  
on the fantasy names I dreamed up as a kid and (probably) not on  
psychic channeling from a parallel dimension where the Urianians do  
actually exist, the evidence I have may be somewhat unreliable.

> Curious: can the Urianians decide their language changes, like
> Tolkien's Elves?

No, I didn't mean that to be taken literally. Of course, after the  
academy was formed in 1833, they have indeed tried to direct  
developments a bit...

Thanks for the Slavic info. Gold mine you are.