Hello all.

I think that we need a new person to do the DVDs. Without insulting
Hokulani - who did after all get us on TV, made a great intro to the
videos, is in the middle of a major move, etc - it just doesn't seem
like that will work out soon, and I don't like making everyone wait so

So: I'd like a volunteer to do them, since I no longer have the time
or equipment access to do it myself.

The task is relatively simple: take the ~16 MiniDV tapes I have - I'll
mail 'em to you - and rip them to DVD format. Having an unedited
version is important, but if you want to edit it down to something
more succinct (especially for the interviews - a couple of them went
on for 3 hours...) that would probably be worthwhile as an alternative
edition. We'll probably need to make about three dozen copies (for
personal orders, future sales, and library distribution). You can of
course be compensated for the time & cost of doing this, and of
mailing the DVDs.

There are about 8 hours of conference video, plus another 8ish in
interviews (the latter have not yet been ripped or uploaded in any
form, so need to be preserved for posterity & community).