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>Carsten Becker skrev:
>> I had a classmate who did that just to tease me. It was
>> annoying and it was meant so I think. It had nothing to do
>> with implying a non-existant intimacy.
>Clearly in such a context, and in a certain tone of voice,
>it has that effect.  Especially if all involved are young and
>male, to be sure.


>Anyway I should perhaps be observant on how my son reacts
>when I call him by name.

I don't care being called by name by peole I know, as long as they don't
replace every "du" with my name (see above).

>> "Miranayam kepauarà naranoaris." (Kalvin nay Hobbes)
>> Venena, Sirpang 3, 2316 ya 09:01:00 pd
>"Verbing weirds language?"

Hmmm, how did you know? ;-)