Hi simnte

i wanted to tell you one interesting story was 10;00 pm when we got a 
feverish 39 C  child of 4 years in our ER , the pediatrician called and 
attended him  she ordered for WBC which was 5.5 , she gave him naalgsics and 
augmentine and discharged after fever came down....

  By 4;00 AM the child had been brought dead to ER with full marks of 
petechial hemmorahge which pathognomonic of Meningococcemia...

  It was a big issua that how could a doctor expecting  meningococemia in a 
child with fever !!!

In fact till now i couldnt find an answer inspite that our hospital did CME 
regarding that case and said that onlt around 5% of febrile children will go 
into Meningococemia, and this is very rarely to be expcted  to appear!

Nowadays, i used to either admit or do at least CBC for any febrile child 
even without any bad signs...i still feel hezitated to discharge him , 
scared will get him back as DEAD .

 Any one can help me by one guidline or rules for that thing?


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