If anyone can provide me with some information I would be most 

	We are looking at augmenting coverage in several ED’s with 
pediatric coverage.  One is a Level I PED and Trauma Center, and another 
is a Level II Center.  In order to make our case to administration, we 
need some comparative data to support our claim that additional coverage 
is needed, and that our physicians are already seeing as many patients as 
they can, safely and with high quality care.

	I would be interested in whatever benchmarks you use, or are 
available, regarding average patients/hour/physician; RVU’s/ 
physician/hour, or any other metric that you use to gauge physician 
performance/productivity, and the ability of the system as a whole to 
process patients efficiently and with high patient satisfaction results.  
For instance, in an average Level I Peds ED and Trauma Center should 
productive physicians be able to see 2-4 patients per hour? Should more or 
less be expected if residents are available?  At what level would double 
and triple coverage be considered necessary?

	Thank you for any information or direction you can provide me.  
Have a great day!


Ernest G. Bertha, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAP
Senior Medical Officer, Pediatrics
Phoenix Physicians, LLC.
1501 NW 49th Street, Suite 140
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

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