This is some work that will eventually be a .pdf, but for the moment I will 
appreciate it if those knowledgeable in German could take a look at my 
translations of the glosses-- 3 troublesome ones in particular are noted at 
the top of the document; and of course look for any spelling errors--  
missing umlauts, capital letters, etc. (but bear in mind that the Germ. I'm 
quoting was written in 1927).

A minor question: some writers seem to choose to write _adj. + sein_ as one 
word, e.g. langsein vs. lang sein.  Is that an option?

The weird (temporary!) formatting is thanks to Open Office's "save as html" 
:-)) I'm astonished that this relatively small file is almost as big as my 
whole Kash Dictionary html version. Aargh.

There's no rush. Comments etc.-- reply privately, of course.

With thanks in advance,