Lars Finsen <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:

> BTW, what is the percentage of bilinguals among
> conlangers compared to the overall population?

As for me, I'm monolingual. I learnt English and French only
at school, just like my parents, who are both native
speakers of rather standard German themselves due to the
origin of their respective parents (dad's parents: Northern
Hesse, mum's parents: Ruhr area). So I cannot even speak any
weird *dialect* myself.

> Well, there is a definite political trend thataway, with
> English now the "National Language" of the US and several
> states having taken it further to the status of "Official
> Language".

Well, the official language here in Germany is German of
course, but that doesn't keep the many Turkish, and Russian
immigrants from speaking their respective native languages,
also in the public. Official stuff is only in German,

Mark J. Reed <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:

> And while I wholeheartedly agree that all
> children in the US should learn to speak fluent English,
> I have never figured out why anyone wants them to learn
> *only* English.

Seconded, also see above. I also don't see why immigrants
should stop speaking their native language and not raise
their children bilingually. BTW, politicians have discussed
some time ago whether or not to introduce German tests in
kindergarten for immigrants' children in order to make sure
that they learn German properly when they're still young.
(It is said that) Chances are better to be successful in the
"new" country if you can speak its language fluently. But
there is still xenophobia to be fought against.


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