On 11/21/06, Sally Caves <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi guys, I don't know what larger group to address than this one.  Is anyone
> familiar with PayPal?  Is it as sucky as I think it is?

I've both sent and received money a number of times through
Paypal and never had any problems.  However...

> I keep getting what I think is SPAM from "paypal," telling me that someone
> else has added his or her name to my account.  Or that I need to update my
> account.  Since I hadn't paid through paypal for a year, I assumed it was

I get spam like this all the time, too, from scammers pretending
to be Paypal.  As Gary said, always go to by typing the URL or going
to a bookmark instead of clicking a link in an email.
The same goes for email purportedly from eBay
or a bank or what have you.

If you want to try to help reduce the number of fraudulent
emails going around, you can forward them when you
get them to [log in to unmask]  This might (or might not)
help Paypal identify and shut down the scammers
-- but new scammers are always popping up like

Jim Henry