On 11/19/06, daniel prohaska <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I can imagine that the resistance in the US has more to do with ideology
> than pedagogy.

Whatever the motivation, it mostly comes up in a pedagogical context.
Whenever there's an issue with the child's performance, no matter what
the issue is, the first suspect is the bilingual education.

> The consensus still appears to be that the children ought
> assimilate into an English speaking environment and become valuable
> contributors to Anglo-American society.

Well, there is a definite poltical trend thataway, with English now
the "National Language" of the US and several states having taken it
further to the status of "Official Language".  And while I
wholeheartedly agree that all children in the US should learn to speak
fluent English, I have never figured out why anyone wants them to
learn *only* English.

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