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> Hallo!
> On Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:00, Mark J. Reed wrote:
>> [...] And while I
>> wholeheartedly agree that all children in the US should learn to speak
>> fluent English, I have never figured out why anyone wants them to
>> learn *only* English.
> I don't understand that, either.  How can there be wrongness in learning
> another than the country's dominant language *in addition to* the latter?

Hi, Weeping Elf.

There's no objection to *learning* another language in America; the issue 
seems to be how wrong it is to have as your first language something other 
than English, especially Spanish or Urban Black English (debated as a 
"language").  It's felt that it may damage you professionally and 
educationally.  I wondered about European as first languages for many 
Americans.  The issue definitely seems to be connected with race and culture 
in America.