Never respond to any email that claims to be from PayPal. If it has a link you
can click in the email then it's NOT FROM PayPal, it's from a swindler hoping
to trick you into revealing your login information so they can hijack your
PayPal account. If you click on the link in the email it takes you to a web
page that looks exactly like the PayPal login site, but it's not. If you
"login" on that site you've just given your login information to a crook and
your PayPal account will be hijacked and the password changed within minutes,
locking you out of your own PayPal account.

The same trick is used with eBay accounts, and many popular online banking
sites. The general rule is for any financial site that requires you to login DO
NOT click a link in an email to get to that site. Use your own bookmarks, or
type in the www address into your browser.

And above all, do NOT allow yourself to be intimidated into clicking on those
email links with threats like "You account has been suspended" or "We've
detected fraudulent activity in your account."

They way to tell if you are being directed to the real PayPal page is to look
at the status bar on the bottom of the browser page while you hover your mouse
over the link. If it says "" it's legit. If it says
ANYTHING else, like "http://56.24.19..../.../paypal/signin/...." If there is
ANYTHING before the first appearance of "paypal" in the URL, especially a
string of numbers, then it is NOT the real PayPal site you are being directed


--- Sally Caves <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi guys, I don't know what larger group to address than this one.  Is anyone 
> familiar with PayPal?  Is it as sucky as I think it is?
> I keep getting what I think is SPAM from "paypal," telling me that someone 
> else has added his or her name to my account.  Or that I need to update my 
> account.  Since I hadn't paid through paypal for a year, I assumed it was 
> SPAM.  Recently, though, I purchased a book from them, the book arrived from 
> England, and it charged me seventeen pounds.  Didn't PayPal pay the 
> publishers????
> Has anyone else encountered such problems from them?
> I'm afraid to update their file on me (they want my credit card number) 
> because I can't tell if this is a fraudulent page or not. And there's no way 
> to contact them.
> Help!
> Sally