Je 08.56 atm 2006.11.23, Rex MAY skribis
>Like Steve Rice said awhile back, one of Eo's biggest attractions is 
>that  you can PLAY with it this way.
>Which you mostly can't with Ido, LFN, etc.   This leads me to 
>another question.  When I first
>encountered the form "De kia koloro estas la domo?" I thought, why 
>isn't it de kiu koloro?  And now I
>ask you.   Is the latter acceptable?  If so, does it have a slightly 
>different meaniing than the kia form?

Both forms are acceptable, and they have slightly different meanings:

"De kiu koloro?" "Flava." (Specific color - Yellow)
"De kia koloro?" "Hela." (Type of color - Light)

Though it's not clear to me that every speaker will make that distinction.

(A lot of speakers will also say "Kiukolore?" and "Kiakolore?")

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