1. whoever = rendered by a relative clause

Whoever stole my wallet is going to die!
n-us m-so snt--mx-l-om perh tslp-i n-us pos mrh-a! PAST.PART steal-REL FUT.PART die-IND

2. Which = cos

Which one do you like better?
t-us lv-u c-om prh-a-rh. increase-ADV like-IND-INTERROG

3. scale (balance, Libra) = telrhos < tla ( 1) t.v. weigh, poise, 
balance. 2) i.v. weigh, poise, balance) + -rhos, noun suffix 
indicating a tool or instrument.

What kind of bathroom scale do you have?
cm-os tx-telp-so telrh-os t-s-' o s-a-rh. scale(s) 

scale (squama; dandruff, scurf) = clos < cla (t.v. scale, 
cover with scales.)

How many scales are there on a trout?
cto cool-es perhts-s ' o s-a-rh.
how.many to be-IND-INTERROG

scale ( 1) t.v. climb, clamber up,  scramble up, mount. 2) i.v. 
climb,  mount, ascend, rise, go up, clamber) = mhrha.

Someone scaled the wall silently.
sm-us tc-vi arhgm-om perh mhrh-a. silent-ADV PAST.PART climb-IND

scale = mtas < mta (t.v. mark-, lay-, stake-, -out, trace; measure 
(off), mete (out), mark; gauge, graduate, calibrate; fathom; scan [a 

What is the scale of this drawing?
c-s srheg-so d-so mt-as s-a-rh. be-IND-

 4. throat (pharynx) = laxos < laxa ( 1) t.v. throttle, strangle, 
choke. 2) i.v. strangle, choke)

My throat hurt, so I guessed I had some kind of infection.
m-so lax-os tsrhm-a, semmo sqttl-os nrhu m-s-' o perh 
s-o perh qrhv-a. hurt-IND, some.kind.of 
therefore to PAST.PART be-SUBJ PAST.PART guess-IND

 5. set = -jos (noun suffix)

Every one of the dish sets was chipped
plcij-so sol-os plc-a-os per st-a. chip-PAT.PART-NOM.SG PAST.PART stand-IND

set [table] = rha ( 1) t.v. make ready, prepare, equip, furnish, 
supply, provide, make out. 2) i.v. get ready, prepare).

Everytime he sets the table, he forgets the spoons.
n-us, n-us sol-tnd--vi elp-om rh-o, ljhl-on msrh-a. every-time-EPEN-ADV set.SUBJ forget-IND

 6. slight (light, free, facile; trifling, superficial; frivolous, 
careless.) = llhis < llha (lighten; dismount, alight)

Whenever her son has a slight cough, she takes him to the doctor.
ii-n-us, llho cs-os n-so sn-s-' o s-o, jxmhidg-um o n-
um- lj-a. slight 
to to convey-IND

 7. upstairs = npedjvi < na (up) + pedjos (stairs, steps, 
staircase) + -vi (adverbial ending) NEW WORD

When we play hide-and-seek, sometimes I like to hide upstairs.
m-us, mh-es laa-ld-om ld-i, smum n-pedj-vi l-u prh-a. play-REL sometimes up-stairs-ADV 
hide-SUP like-IND

laaldom is based on the German Versteckspiel.

 8. reduce ( 1) t.v. subtract, deduct; depreciate. 2) i.v. abate, 
decrease, diminish, subtract, subside, die down, go down [of 
prices], lose weight, decline, fall off, recede, let up.) = lpa

He needs to reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes.
n-us, n-us n-on- smx-i, rh--smx-muul-c-m pl-om lp-u jh-a. smoke-REL roll-EPEN-smoke- reduce-SUP need-IND

 9. care (concern-, occupy-, -o.s. (with, pa) = spa

No one cares about him.
nc-us n-so pa sp-a. about care-IND

10. imagination = ltsas < ltsa ( 1) t.v. mask, disguise, 
pretend, feign, simulate, make out. 2) i.v. mask, pretend, feign, 
make believe, imagine)

 I never had the imagination you have.
n-as t-s-' o s-i, lts-as m-s-' o ncum s-a. to be-REL imagination to 
never be-IND

(score)card, n. = rhmbjheerhslmhos < rhmba (tally) + jhrhsa 
(stiffen) + lmhos (paper).
a record of scores (as in golf) 

detonate ( 1) t.v. burst, explode, blow-, -out, -up. 2) i.v. burst, 
explode, blow out, go off.), v. = nva.
burst and release energy as through a violent chemical or physical