li [Peter Bleackley] mi tulis la

> If anyone is interested in taking part in a collaborative 
> project to create 
> an oligosynthetic conlang, head over to 
> and take a 
> look at "The Oligosynthesis Project". I've supplied a closed 
> list of roots, 
> all in the form CVC and intended to have verbal meanings, and 
> guidelines 
> for how to contribute.
> As with all such projects I'll be waiting for a while to give 
> everybody 
> else a chance to play before adding anything more myself.

Interesting.  This structure is almost identical to what Sasxsek was
like when I first started publishing information about it.  It has
evolved a bit past the basic CVC form but still retains the verbal
meanings for all but a few of its roots.

deinx nxtxr / Dana Nutter