1. answer (v.) = puga ( 1) t.v. answer, reply, respond, retort, 
rejoin. 2) i.v. answer, reply, respond, retort, rejoin) < pu-, back, 
+ ga, say.

Her answer was too short.
her answer too short was
n-so pug-os crhc-vi mrhjh-os perh s-a. exceed-ADV PAST.PART be-IND

She answered at length.
she fully answered
n-us pl-vi perh pug-a. full-ADV PAST.PART answer-IND

2. silence = tcas < tca ( 1) t.v. silence, shut up. 2) i.v. be-, -
silent, -quiet, keep silence, say nothing, hold one's tongue, shut 

The silence was uncomfortable.
silence comfortable was not
tc-as cj-as perh s-a ne. PAST.PART be-IND not

3. tune (v.) = senrhtsa < sna (sound) + rhtsa (adjust)
tune (n.) = snlhmrhvos < snlha (sing) + mrhva (form)

The tune he played was beautiful.
he played tune beautiful was
n-us perh sn-i snlhmrhv-os mng-os perh s-a. PAST.PART play-REL 

He tuned his tuneable instrument.
n-us n-so senrhtso snzencr-om perh senrhts-a. tunable PAST.PART tune-IND

4. camp = vudrhos < vta ( 1) t.v. pitch [a tent]; camp, encamp. 
2) i.v. pitch; camp, encamp) + -drhos, suffix for naming a place.

Their camp was nearly invisible.
their camp nearly invisible was
n-um vudrh-os n-oc-os perh s-a. PAST.PART be-IND

They camped on the butte.
they butte on camped
n-es lf-coln-so na perh vt-a. on PAST.PART camp-IND

5. blood = srhos
Blood is red.
blood red is
srh-os rh-os s-a. be-IND

6. lend (loan) = cfa

She lends her time to anyone who asks.
she he asks anyone to her time lends
iin-us nrhn-us g-i cen-s-' o iin-so tnd-am cf-a. ask-REL to 

7. equal = vlis < vla ( )
We get equal pay for our work.
we our work for equal pay receive
mh-es mh-um daarh-so nta vl-om mz-om mhrh-a. for receive-

8. determination = tlas < tla ( will, determine, decree)
Her determination was impressive.
her determination impressive was
n-so tl-as dg-as perh s-a. determination-NOM>sg PAST.PART be-IIND

9. anger = mlas < mla ( 1) t.v. anger, madden, infuriate. 2) 
i.v. bear ill-will (towards, nta), be angry (at, with, nta), 
His anger was frightening.
his anger frightening was
n-so ml-as prg-ant-as perh s-a, PAST.PART be-IND

10. name = nmnos < nmna ( 1) t.v. name, call, clepe, term, 
style, nominate, appoint. 2) i.v. call)
Their names are far too long.
their names far too long are
n-so noomn-es crhc-vi crhc-vi mhazd-es s-a. exceed-ADV exceed-ADV be-IND

look out on, v.: be oriented in a certain direction = jhlga t.v. 
look-, -at, -in the face, view; face, look out on.

The house looks out on a tennis court.
house tennis court looks.out.on
mhs-os tnis-so mhrht-om jhlg-a. look.out.on-IND

The apartment overlooks the Hudson.
apartment Hudson overlook
diiqlt--ms-os mujhcnetc-am jhlg-a. overlook.IND