Den 2006-11-25 14:31:54 skrev Carl Mäsak <[log in to unmask]>:

> I think the most common objection to the idea of introducing an "ALI-"
> column is that "alie" already means "in another way"/"otherwise", not
> "in another place"/"aliloke" as would be consistent with the table
> words.
> The problem wouldn't be quite so large if there wasn't already a large
> body of literature already using "alie" in the former sense. But OTOH,
> it's not like the meanings of words never change in other languages.
I'm a little out of toutch as far as Esperanto goes, but given that I  
think I have seen "alimaniere, ki-maniere", "kia-maniere" instead of  
"kiel", I can't see why one couldn't say "aliel, alial". Any experienced  
Esperanto speaker will understand it, anyway.

Then one could say: "Aliu skribis, la lteteron, ne mi."

Kjel salutas!

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