Dear colleagues,

The specialty of Emergency Medicine needs your help!

This May 15, 2007, the day before the SAEM Annual Meeting, the
journal "Academic Emergency Medicine" is hosting its yearly
consensus conference.
The topic this year will be "Knowledge Translation In Emergency
Medicine" which is all about getting evidence implemented and
closing the research to practice gap.  You can learn more about the
conference and download the pamphlet at:

We need your help to develop the consensus recommendations and
establish the research agenda that will drive this effort.  The
consensus process has been organized into a number of sections that
are detailed in the 6-themed list below.

You can participate in one or more of them and there is a "Google
Group" discussion forum devoted to each topic.  If you have an
interest in a topic(s), you can join the effort by contacting the
various topic leaders who will then add you to their discussion

We also need your participation at the conference itself, in the
great city of Chicago.  Please join us as we hash out the final
consensus recommendations and establish the research agenda
questions that will move us forward.  If you cannot make the
conference, you can still participate on
the email lists, and vice versa.

Any "stakeholder" is welcome and encouraged to participate.  This
includes those in the commercial arena/vendors, provided that any
affiliations are declared.

Finally, if you are interested in publishing an article on the
topic, there will be an entire issue of Academic Emergency Medicine
devoted to KT. The deadline for submissions is 3/1/2007.  You can
find out more about this at the SAEM homepage below and then
scrolling down to the "Call for Papers - Knowledge Translation"

If you want to participate, it's easy.  Just go to the website
download the pamphlet and mail in the response coupon. The fee for
the 1-day consensus conference is just $100 USD to help AEM/SAEM
(partially) cover its costs to host this, and this includes lunch.

If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Thanks for your time!

Eddy Lang,  McGill University
Peter Dayan,  Columbia University
Martin Pusic,  Columbia University

The 6 themes for the conference are listed below.  You can get a more
comprehensive list of the themes along with the Theme Leaders and their
contact information at the following URL:

Theme I: Evidence Implementation
Theme II: The EM Practitioner and KT
Theme III: The Emergency Department and Clinical Teaching Unit
Theme IV: Macro view: Issues and perspectives at the broader level
Theme V: Contextually specific challenges to KT
Theme VI: The science of evidence implementation / dissemination of

For more information, send mail to [log in to unmask] with the message: info PED-EM-L
The URL for the PED-EM-L Web Page is: