>> Francois Lachance wrote:
>>> Most of the TEI uptake is hampered by "Fear of Header" sindrone.
>>> True and / or False?

Dot Porter wrote: 
> True and False.
> ... in the past I have viewed the TEI Header as not important
> and/or a nuisance... But...I've recently decided that [it] is marvelous

Mostly true, I'd guess. Leaving aside its intrinsic virtues and vices,
to a *text tagger* the header *is* unimportant and a nuisance: it is
a (by and large) distinct tag set from that which is used to tag
the text itself; is designed to include  quite different sorts 
of information, often derived from different sources (e.g. LC 
authorities); responds to different quality-control measures; and is
perhaps best employed by people with different skills --cataloguers,
for example.  That's why all of our projects for the
last half dozen years at least have divorced headers from texts:
the headers are produced separately from the texts, usually by 
different staff; are often generated by batch processes from 
cataloguer-generated MARC records; and are stored and updated separately
too. Header meets text only at the moment of indexing. Since most
of our info derives from MARC, in most cases I guess we'd be
as glad leaving it as MARC (or MARC-XML) as converting it to
a TEI header.

(In the interests of full disclosure, the texts in our largest
current projects *do* carry headers of sorts with them during
production, for identification and tracking purposes. They
are not full TEI headers, merely minimal sets of ID numbers and bare 
info related to review (the former added by the keying firm,
the latter layered on by our inhouse editor), e.g.:

<ETS>                 <-- inhouse reviewed file begins here
<TEMPHEAD>            <-- stripped down temporary TEI header retaining 
<REVDESCR>            <-- (usu.) only REVDESCR
<RESP>markup review person</RESP></RESPSTMT>
<ITEM>Proofed text and revised markup.</ITEM>
<EEBO>                 <-- file from keying firm begins here
<IDG S="MARC" R="OX" ID="A36830">   <--  Non-TEI 'ID group'
<STC T="W">D253</STC>
<BIBNO T="OCLC">12871982</BIBNO>
<TEXT>...               <--  beginning of text proper, later
                              mated w/ true TEIHEADER


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