> How would you convert the following fragment into TEI?
> <note type="foot">This is fact.<signed pn="276"><smallcap>Author.</ 
> smallcap></signed></note>

Years ago the Women Writers Project found it necessary to
significantly expand the TEI (then P3) content model for <note>. (We
presented our customizations in a poster at ACH/ALLC 1999.)

So our encoding could be:

       <p>This is fact.</p>
       <respLine rend="pre(&mdash;)case(smallcaps)">Author.</respLine>

(I don't know what the pn= attribute is, so I didn't carry it over.)

The <respLine> element is a renamed <byline> element. <closer> and
<signed> could be used instead.

I've put the <note> part of that poster up at, in
case anyone is interested. (Remember, it's SGML, not XML :-)

HTH. (And in case it isn't obvious, that was, and this is, written
with my WWP hat on, not my TEI hat.)