I think there is an important distinction here that Elena is putting her
finger on that may not be currently supported by TEI element
distinctions. In the EpiDoc local recommendations we are able to
distinguish not only between scribal addition and editorial supplement,
but between scribal deletion and editorial rejection (using
<add>/<supplied> and <del>/<sic> respectively [with further attribute
disambiguation in all cases]), but I'm not sure we have such a robust,
unambiguous policy for the distinction between scribal correction and
editorial emendation. I for one would be grateful for recommendations on
how to resolve this question.



Elena Pierazzo a écrit :
> Francois,
> by "not strong enough" I was alluding to what I consider a fundamental
> difference on what attributes and elements are meant for, as, in my
> opinion,  an element is meant to encode a "category" and an attribute is
> meant to encode a type of a category or a characteristic of the same
> category (I know I'm simplifying a lot...). In my assertion  there  was
> not  a demonization  of attributes at all.
> My point is, if corrections made by a scribe and the one made by an
> editor are two different categories, maybe we need two different
> elements. So my question is: are corrections and emendations (the former
> being made by a scribe/author of a primary source and the latter by a
> modern editor/encoder) two different categories? I believe they are, as
> when we are encoding we can describe what we find in our primary source
> and also doing something on the text, so we can describe a correction
> occurring in our  copy text or me can correct the text ourselves.
> I see a fundamental ambiguity in using <corr> for both circumstances.
> The same ambiguity does not seem present for additions, as we have <add>
> for a scribe addition and <supplied> for an editorial addition. But,
> again there is an ambiguity for deletions for which there is just <del>
> that encodes both scribe deletions and text the has been rejected as
> superfluous by an editor.
> Elena

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