Je 07.48 atm 2007.01.07, vi skribis

>I recently had a discussion with someone promoting Japanese as an IAL.
>He hadn't heard of Esperanto, and when I brought it to his attention he
>         "Sorry, but as a European based language, I believe it is a dead
>         Too many people with money are sick of another whitey language.
>It would
>         be okay if it were genuinely international."
>So, yes, resentment is an issue, and one that should be addressed in new
>IAL designs.

I think, however, that before one determines how important such 
resentment is, one should survey a group of people who haven't 
already indicated that they have another axe to grind, and one that 
depends to some degree on such resentment.

In my experience (which is also limited), the ordinary person, 
whether white, brown or black, doesn't give a damn whether a language 
is a "whitey language" or a "brownie language" or a "blackie 
language" -- he just cares what it will do for him. That's why so 
many people are enthusiastic about (although often far from competent 
in) English, a quintessential "whitey language".

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