Je 08.36 atm 2007.01.07, Andrew NOWICKI skribis

>The Esperanto word "right-something"
>is not good because it sounds like a
>noun and because it does not convey
>any information about rotation.

"Dekstrume" sounds like an adverb, not a noun. The noun would be 
"dekstrumo", which I don't know how to translate into English (as one word).

I would point out here that, although PIV and Benson use the stem 
"dekstrum'" for "clockwise", it's not the only possible word that can 
be used (we all tend, when learning a foreign language, to imagine 
that there's only one way to say any particular thing, a fallacy 
that, I suspect, the textbooks encourage). Someone -- Kjell, perhaps 
-- suggested "lauxhorlogxe" (vs. "kontrauxhorlogxe" [*] for 
"counterclockwise"), and that is also a perfectly good Esperanto 
term. Or, to jump ahead to a later posting of yours, if one wants to 
be pedantic there's no reason not to say "dekstrarotacie" or perhaps 
"horlogxorotacie" or ... but "dekstrume", in context, is quite good 
enough for most purposes.


(*) Somebody suggested earlier that it would be possible to construct 
a clock that ran in a counterclockwise direction. At a local banquet 
of Esperanto speakers I went to this afternoon -- small; it was only 
somewhat larger than last year's global Ido-Konfero -- the lady 
sitting next to me, Tatiana Sh., told me that she once bought such a 
wristwatch, manufactured as a joke, in Kazakhstan.

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