Donald J. HARLOW kirjoitti:
> I think it would be nice if you admitted to Rex that you just got 
> carried away and don't intend to do so again.

Yes, I got carried away. It wasn't supposed to be taken all seriously 
despite the lack of smileys. (Have they become a necessity already?)

Sorry, Rex. I'm sure you intend good for everybody with your ideas 
though I completely disagree with them. To answer your question, I would 
gladly permit more immigration to Finland, but I can't speak for the 
rest of the Europe. Mistakes have been made in the immigration issues 
but letting people in hasn't been one of them.

I second to Jens about his opinions that auxiliary languages could help 
in building further the dialogue between civilizations. Dialogue is not 
a key to peace but it helps to rid ignorance that fosters conflict.

-- Risto Kupsala