What we need here is common sense.  There's extreme xenophobia that wants no 
immigration of any kind from anybody.  Then there's the sweetness-and-light crowd 
that can't see any problem at all with massive immigration.  And a whole spectrum of 
attitudes in between.


1.  Cultural relativism.  All cultures are equal.  This seems obviously idiotic.  Do I 
need to refute it here?

2.  If one Ruritanian can immigrate to Graustark, and fit in perfectly, and actually be 
a benefit to the latter, then ALL Ruritanians can.  

3.  Immigrants always assimilate in a generation or two.  Tell that to the Anatolians, 
the Iroquois, and the Maori.

4.  If a little immigration is a good thing, a lot of immigration is even better.

Lots of lessons in history.  Some time ago, the Mexican government, in its wisdom, 
encouraged immigrants to come to Tejas to do the jobs Mexicans weren't willing to 
do. (Settle on the land, fight Commanches, etc)  A few years later, Mexico lost 
Tejas.  Remember, most of those American immigrants had no intention of coming 
to Tejas and having a revolution.  They just wanted to make better lives for 
themselves and their families.  But, when the Revolutionary types started trouble, 
most of the immigrants felt that they had more in common with them than they did 
with the nation of Mexico, and, though mostly apolitical by nature, they found 
themselves following Houston and Bowie instead of Santa Anna.  (Yes, even the 
very assimilated Jim Bowie was a revolutionary.)

When Mexico invited Americans, they got a lot of what they wanted from them.  
They also got things they didn't want:

1. Protestantism
2. Slavery
3. A preference for Self-Government
4. The English language.
5. Dislolyalty

Are we all in agreement that immigration isn't always a good thing?