li [Kjell Rehnström] mi tulis la

> It is much better to let the languages show what they can do 
> than having  
> some political body to decide which of them to use. It 
> doesn't take much  
> imagination to realize what would happen if the UN took the 
> question to  
> the Security Council. Some countries would most certainly 
> oppose to Our  
> Language if it were accepted by certain other countries, not 
> on merits but  
> just becaus "these countries" are the enemy!

I recently had a discussion with someone promoting Japanese as an IAL.
He hadn't heard of Esperanto, and when I brought it to his attention he

	"Sorry, but as a European based language, I believe it is a dead
	Too many people with money are sick of another whitey language.
It would
	be okay if it were genuinely international."

So, yes, resentment is an issue, and one that should be addressed in new
IAL designs.