Those characters would mean something closer to mond(a)lingvo - Esperanto would be better written as xiwangyu (希望语) or hoping language.
Esperanto 的原意是"希望",如果将"世界语"这个汉语命名 直译成世界语的话会变成 Mondalingvo(Monda=世界的,lingvo=言语)。

2007/1/8, Carl Mäsak <[log in to unmask]>:
Donald (>):
> (*) If they are waiters in Chinese restaurants,
> recently arrived from China, not necessarily by
> that name, but "shi jie yu", or writing the
> corresponding ideographs on a napkin, usually
> gets a more knowledgeable response.

Would that be 世界语 (shi4 jie4 yu3)? It took me a few minutes to find,
but it seems like the reasonable candidate. The first two characters
mean "world", and the third is the commonly used character for

Do you know if this expression is used to refer only to Esperanto, or
to IALs in general?

// Carl