On 1/3/07, Adam Walker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Ah.  That explains alot.  That show was somewhat
> lacking in popularity here.  Small matter of getting
> most everything about the city wrong.

Hey, at least they actually used the Dallas skyline in the zoom-in!  I
love movies (like, say, Robocop)  that ostensibly take place in one
city (Detroit) while not only being shot in another (Dallas) but also
making unhesitating use of exterior shots that anyone who's ever been
to either city will instantly recognize as being wrong for the

And then there's things like the episode of "West Wing" where some
foreign nation is refusing to extradite a prisoner because the
jurisdiction in which he would be tried over here - DeKalb County, GA
- has capital punishment.  So Leo and Josh fly down to Atlanta to meet
with the DeKalb County Commissioner inside Atlanta's airport.  Not
only is the airport obviously not Hartsfield; not only do they
consistently mispronounce DeKalb (it's /d@'k&:b/), but the
Commissioner is a white Good Old Boy, while the real DeKalb county is
an urban district just East of downtown Atlanta with an marked
propensity for electing Black leadership.  Good research, Sorkin.

Okay, done ranting. :)

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