* Paul Bennett said on 2007-01-03 15:43:36 +0100
> The path was
> *p?\='te:r 
>  --> pX='te:r (voicing assim)
/skipping lotsa rules/
>  --> 'xvyse (initial stress)

And the next stage is 'xvys > 'xvis > 'vis unless stress means
little in 3B? Which illutrates my point: where does one stop?

Although I don't stage definite rules to "wear" words down but
play it by ear (now where do the actual trends come from? Not
from my L1, that's for sure.) I often face the dilemma of
choosing between a worn version and a not so worn version...

Taruven is supposed to be diphthong-heavy so I basically *have
to* stop eroding before the vowel-differences go... satyú vs.
sadu vs. sedže, the latter which really points towards a
different language altogether.

Bonus "huh":

While editing I got the common effect when using vim in a
broken shell/terminal emulator: leftover characters at the end
of the line (always including i but thankfully not :wq this

nsureair hfi

It could be Taruven but looks more like the bastard child of
Irish, Welsh and maybe Swahili. Whatsch'all think?