li [David J. Peterson] mi tulis la

> Another really bad one is Gone In Sixty Seconds (the remake) where the
> sequence of events doesn't even come close to matching the geographic
> locations mentioned,  especially when the driver steals a car at the
> International Towers in Long Beach then crosses the Vincent Thomas
> Bridge which would have taken him out of Long Beach into San 
> Pedro, but
> then he ends up delivering the car at the Port of Long Beach (back on
> the LB side of the bridge!).  I suspect this was so they 
> could have yet
> another ridiculous scene with someone jumping closed bridge, 
> as if that
> stunt hadn't already been overdone.
>  >>
> Ha, ha!  I remember that!  Being born in Long Beach and having
> lived in San Pedro (pronounced by those that live there [s&n 'pidro]),
> I was mightily confused at how the Vincent Thomas pulled a u-turn.

I was born there too.  Grew up there and spend the bulk of my life there
but also on the other side of the Orange Curtain.

> Incidentally, I'm back, and "moved in".  Don't know how I'd exist
> without this ol' internet...

I moved away several years ago.  Except for a couple of trips out there
for family reasons, I haven't seen much of it and do not miss it.