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> JS Bangs votuala:
> > I'm going to randomly generate root forms
> > according to Anmurian rules to match the meanings.
> It's interesting how preferences differ, isn't it?  I wouldn't dream of randomly
> generating words, because I like my words to feel right for their meanings.
> OTOH, I can't explain /why/ certain words feel right and others don't... I just
> know when they do.

This is actually how I operate for my "primary" conlang, Yivrian. The
only motive for doing Anmur this way is that Anmur is a language with
a limited scope for which I need to derive a lot of roots very quickly
so that it's ready for the translation relay. I tried randomly
deriving words for Yivrian, and they never worked out.

> Sometimes when I'm translating something and I'm short on patience or
> time, I'll settle for a word that doesn't feel right.  A few such words get used
> enough that I end up becoming familiar with them and they become
> "standard", but the majority of words I create in this way don't survive past
> that first usage and subsequently get replaced.  Does anyone else do
> things that way?

Yes, that's quite similar to my usual method. OTOH now that I have
dictionary database for Yivrian, I rarely lose words, even if they
don't quite feel "right".

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