Roger Mills skrev:
> Eric Christopherson wrote:
>> See chapter 5 of
>> NaturalHistoryofInfixation.pdf . I just found this and am very
>> excited to read it, because I've been wondering for a while.
> Wow, fascinating!! Despite <nitpick>(1) his Engl. (L2?) is non-idiomatic in 
> places, and (2) quite a few typos/mis-spellings just in the parts I read; of 
> course it's preliminary.</nitpick> Sorry about that, but such things just 
> jump out at me. Presumably he'll get a good copy-editor at OUP.

You are confusing English the IAL and English the natlang! :-)
I'm not nearly as rigid WRT idiomaticity when I write English
on the net as I am when translating from English into Swedish
for a living, FWIW.--

/BP 8^)>
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